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Below is a list of tools in stock available to rent. All of our rental tools are inspected pre and post rental and are in great working condition! We guarantee it.

Also, ask us about our rent-to-own programs and how renting a tool builds credit towards the purchase of the tool. If we don’t have the tool in stock and you want to rent it, we’ll bring it in just for your rental! Contact us for details on our industry-leading flexible rental programs.

Tools & Pricing

Power Units
HP12BPOWER UNIT SINGLE 12 GPM$380$1,141$3,424
HP210BPOWER UNIT DUAL 5/5 – 10 GPM$386$1,157$3,470
HP28BO2POWER UNITE TWIN 8$406$1,219$3,656
Handheld Tools
BR45120BREAKER 1 1/8 HEX$117$352$1,055
BR45130BREAKER 1 1/4 HEX$117$352$1,055
BR45350U/W BREAKER 1 HEX$141$424$1,272
BR67120BREAKER 1 1/8 HEX$124$373$1,120
BR67130BREAKER 1 1/4 HEX$124$373$1,120
BR67320U/W BREAKER 1 1/8 HEX$134$401$1,203
BR87120BREAKER 1 1/8 HEX$138$413$1,240
BR87130BREAKER 1 1/4 HEX$138$413$1,240
BR87320U/W BREAKER 1 1/8 HEX$152$457$1,370
CH1513101CHIPPING HAMMER$119$358$1,074
CO25541CUTOFF SAW OC, CW ROTATION$129$386$1,157
CS28811POLE CHAIN SAW 60″$64$193$578
CS28812POLE CHAIN SAW 90″$64$193$578
DL07DRILL 1/2″$85$256$768
DS113000DIAMOND CHAIN SAW$154$463$1,388
EA08102ALOWE’S EARTH AUGER$94$281$842
IBC600KO56T INLINE KIT – D3/O JAWS$94$283$848
IDO7810IMPACT DRILL 7/16″$45$130$391
ID07815IMPACT DRILL 7/16″ W/GUARD$46$139$416
IW12140IMPACT WRENCH-OC 3/4 SQ DRIVE$133$398$1,194
TA54603TAMPER O/C DRY NO VALVE$77$231$694
SM50100SUBMERSIBLE PUMP 3 “$98$293$879
TP0300301TRASH PUMP 3″$100$301$903
TP08013TRASH PUMP 4″$162$486$1,458
Skid Steer Attachments
 Skid Steer Forks$87$113$395
MB05S02Mounted Breaker – Cradle 9″ Pin Centers$372$1117$3351
MBF5S02Mounted Breaker – solid top 20 degrees$325$972$2928

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